Now that an environment has been created in which highly motivated students can work on AI and programming with their peers, the AI and Advanced Programming Consortium was officially launched on April 1, 2019.  We will begin a "three-way satisfaction" initiative for the university, students, and corporate members.  Vibrant students that is not yet tinted in any particular color gather on Hiyoshi Campus in Keio University, where first and second-year students of seven faculties (Letters, Economics, Business and Commerce, Law, Science and Technology, Medicine, and Pharmacy) study.  The purpose of the established Hiyoshi AI/Advanced Programming Room is to promote "the development of students who are capable of AI and programming while possessing a business sense and international mindset" among these students.


Based on the idea that young people with flexible mindsets are more skilled in AI and programming, we have prepared a cutting-edge AI and programming environment where students can freely engage in activities with other students, and we will expand the range of students’ activities through interaction with corporate members, and then develop a relationship with society and deepen it like expanding from points of contact to surfaces.  As a starting point for these activities, in FY 2018 for students and faculty members from all faculties, we opened the Hiyoshi AI/Advanced Programming Room on the Hiyoshi Campus, where seven faculties and three graduate schools are located in.  Also, we opened the Yagami AI/Advanced Programming Room on the Yagami Campus, the home of the Faculty of Science and Technology.  To coincide with the opening of the Hiyoshi Room, a group of faculty members voluntarily invited applicants to participate in the ICPC International Intercollegiate Programming Contest (a three-person team competes in a programming competition to see who can accurately solve math and puzzle problems).  As a result, 60 students who like programming from across faculties gathered, and 12 teams participated in the Japanese qualifying round through training in the Hiyoshi Room, and finally, two of them won the ticket to participate in the Asian regional qualifying round.

The result of the pilot program convinced us that there are potentially many highly motivated students at Keio University who are willing to acquire AI and advanced programming skills.  Thus, we have come to establish the AIC in April 2019.

Our Aim

Our aim is to foster human resources who can develop their own ideas into social implementations using their own technologies. To achieve this, we offer students an environment to conduct practical programming using real-world data. This is enabled through cooperation with domestic and foreign companies, educational and research institutions, and local governments.


We engage in the following activities to achieve the above aim.

  1. Advanced Educational Activities
  2. Promotion of human resource development through collaboration with domestic and international companies, research and educational institutions, and local governments
  3. Holding workshops, lectures, seminars, etc.
  4. Dissemination of our activities and results
  5. Other activities necessary to achieve our aim