Benefits of Corporate Membership

Corporate members can not only participate in activities at the Hiyoshi AI/advanced Programming Room on the Hiyoshi Campus, but also freely participate in activities at the Yagami AI/advanced Programming Room on the Yagami Campus of the Faculty of Science and Technology, which is adjacent to the Hiyoshi Campus. Thus, in addition to the students with transdisciplinary education in Hiyoshi, you can also interact with advanced data scientists and programmers in Yagami.

  • You can freely interact with highly motivated students of various undergraduate grades at the Hiyoshi and Yagami AI/Advanced Programming Rooms.

  • You can offer part-time job/internship opportunities such as AI development or programming assistance to excellent students you meet at the Rooms.

    (Note: Internships and part-time jobs cannot be conducted using university facilities such as the Hiyoshi and Yagami Rooms. Please conduct them off-campus.)

  • You can increase corporate visibility by visiting various lectures and contests and giving away goods with your company's logo as prizes to prize winners.

  • On the Hiyoshi campus, business idea contests and programming contests can be held on a corporate member basis during the fall semester (September to December). On the Yagami campus, they can be held throughout the year.

  • Lectures on AI and IT applications, such as "AI applications in xxx companies," can be held on the Hiyoshi and Yagami campuses. As a result, the recognition and understanding of the company's approach will increase.

  • The university can implement the education of AI and IT personnel required by corporate members.

  • You will get to know the faculty members from the various departments involved in this program.